Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

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Last Updated 6/21/2016

The Canary is an all-in-one device whose sole purpose is to provide security that is affordable(see lowest price) to apartment dwellers and renters mostly.

Within the one tool, you hear what exactly is going on, can see what is occurring at home with the camera, monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality. If something happens while you're out, you find a way to view a video clip if the device finds a sudden move and get notifications for your mobile. You sound the alarm and phone the police dependent on your appraisal of the scenario if there is an intruder.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

The unit sits on a shelf and is plugged into an outlet. Monitoring and the control of the system are done with your smartphone using a Program that is free to download.

It may be used in houses, but it is going to get more pricey as you're going to want more apparatus to cover the room sufficiently, although it’s designed for modest dwellings. Or you could confine yourself to cover the critical areas of the home but take a danger that you won’t discover an intruder if the break into your house in the places not covered.

It is quite incredible for such a compact device, and it's a good system for people who can’t afford a traditional security system or are permitted to install them.

Key Features

  • If the system is unplugged or the internet is down the system does not function. The safety feature is you will be told the system is not being communicated with
  • There is no keypad and no control panel. There is merely the all-in-one device that is monitored and tracked with the App (you can add up to 3 more apparatus to the App)
  • There is certainly only one unit, and it must locate centrally to give the motion and camera sensor the best coverage of your home or flat
  • After it's been equipped the system does not have a delay for you to leave your house nor does it have for when you enter the room one, and the system is equipped
  • There are not any zones as such. You purchase an individual unit that includes all the endeavors. The firm urges you add up to 4 units for your App. In the App, you can identify the apparatus separately to which you are tracking or the one that has triggered the alert

System Includes

  • No Installation/Contracts/Monthly Fees are Required: Plugin Canary, connect to the Internet, and you're ready to go. Free secure cloud storage included
  • Intelligent Notifications: Receive instant video alerts on your iOS or Android device
  • See and Hear: Stream real-time video of your home with Canary's 1080p HD camera, 147-degree wide-angle lens, automatic night vision, and high-quality audio
  • More Than a Camera: Protect your home with Canary's 90+ dB siren, motion-activated recording, auto-arm/disarm, and instant access to local authorities
  • HomeHealth Technology: Monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to help understand how your home might affect your health.


  • Out-of-the box ready. You only need a smart phone.


  • No setup needed other than plugging in and putting on ledge
  • For a little flat, it's a reasonable alternative
  • It's mobile and can be taken with you without making any marks when you go
  • Uncomplicated and straightforward to set up in minutes
  • The one apparatus has lots of functionality with a camera, microphone, movement siren, sensor, temperature, humidity and air quality detector.


  • You can’t add other home automation devices
  • No door/window contacts for discovering an intruder when they may be driving window or a door. After they are inside premises, the intruder is just detected by the system
  • It does not have a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm
  • The system is pre-launch mode, and not all features are functioning
  • To work as intended everyone should have a smartphone and be added as a member otherwise system will equip when household members are still in the house
  • There isn't any history of base performance going forward to understand how reliable the system and business will probably be in the future
  • There is absolutely no backup for power outages nor for when the internet is down
  • Setting up in a house gets costly – you are going to need one for each door and at least one upstairs to cover the access to the bedrooms



0.87 lb pounds









Upgrades Available 


Who Is This For?

If you are living in an apartment or renting this will provide you without the issues of installment with security or having to pay for more than you need. The Canary may also be right for those who can’t afford a home security system that is full.

With the combination of high-quality video and sound, the Canary makes a compelling case for a small device with a big punch. Consider that it also includes humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors and you get one of the best home safety and security purchases you can make.






VOIP or Landline





Remote Monitoring


Smartphone App


Max Devices to be Added

Up to 6 Canary


No (There are premium monthly version)

Hidden Fees


Camera Integration


Be sure to check out the list of other DIY Home Security Systems to see what is best for you.