About Me

Hello and welcome to SecureHomeHQ. My name is Gerard and I'm on a mission to give you actionable and simplified safety and security advice.

Facts and Statistics

The number of property crimes committed in 2013 totaled about 8.6 million—approximately 4.1% less than in 2012

In 2013, it was estimated that the losses from all reported property crimes totaled $16.6 billion

More than 2.5 million home intrusions are reported every year in the United States

Almost 90% of Burglaries Go Unsolved and every 15 Seconds Another Home Falls Victim!

74% of all burglaries reported in 2013 were on residential property

The highest rate of burglaries committed with a household member present occurred in homes occupied by single females with children

SecureHomeHQ was established with the goal to provide easy to understand security and safety advice that makes a real impact. 

I wanted SecureHomeHQ to be different and I made a commitment to making sure our advice can be followed by ​regular people with busy lives who view their family, property and land as their number one priority. 

My Story

My big brother and I grew up in a relatively remote part of Kansas in a family-first environment. Our parents raised my brother always to protect and teach me to be a good citizen.After my college, I followed my brother to California where he has settled and created a family. A few years later I had a family of my own as well, and life could not get any better.Our families did everything together, and we passed on the values our parents taught us to our children.

In the summer of 2014, after family camp, my brother and his family returned to their home broken into and vandalized.Because my brother had a Kansas-tough attitude, it was easy for him to shrug off and move on. However, it was tough for him to handle his wife and kids who still are accustomed to a city life, were not able to cope with the tragedy.

Since the vandals were never caught, it was very hard for his children to sleep in peace and his wife never recovered from all the stolen family air looms that were stolen. All tangle possessions with valuable intangible qualities never to return again and be passed on from her to her children and grandchildren pushed her into a mild depression.

Even after they moved, they had never been the same.Although my family had not been physically affected, I to can feel and underwhelming loss of peace of mind affect us.

Since then my brother and I went on to a mission to make sure our families will never go through it again. And if the worst ever occurred we would still be prepared. This blog is a compilation of what we learned and continued to learn. We hope you find the value and inspiration to do something without the experience we had to go through.

Best Wishes,
Gerard A. Wetzel​